Founded in March 2012, the "Open Slide” Ensemble is composed of five musicians from the Liège Royal Conservatoire.

Thierry Istas, Olivier Haas, Alain Pire, Nicolas Villers Trombone) and Clément Monaux (Tuba) naturally find themselves since ensemble playing and searching for a perfect homogeneity were part of their daily training within the "same school”. This common identity is very important to them.

They came together to work out an original repertoire containing music from several centuries. The idea is to bring out their richness and diversity in all its aspects.

Not hesitating to "swap" their usual trombones for instruments such as an Alto Trombone, a bass trumpet, a euphonium, a tuba or a contrabass trombone, these five “Low Brass” players have undertaken to transcribe, arrange and play various pieces of of very different styles.

Next to that, the "Open Slide” ensemble often takes part in musical awakening for kids, promoting their instruments as well as taking part in creations of new works of living composers.

Web site of the Open Slide Ensemble:

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