In March 1993, Izumi Okubo (violin), Alain Pire (trombone) and Marcel Cominotto (piano) created for the Ars Musica festival the piece "Mirrors Transparency" written for them by Claude Ledoux.
« L’Autre Trio » was born and its unusual identity claimed right away originality and richness of timbres whose potential is still to discover and exploit.
Izumi Okubo and Alain Pire, violin and trombone teachers at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, give both a special high value to pedagogy concepts.
« L’Autre Duo » is a natural extension of « L’Autre Trio », trying to keep those pedagogical concerns with originality and in a non-academic and advanced way of working ... Thus, far from being confined to any regular playing approach, « L’Autre Duo » seeks more in "concert dialogues", masterclasses and all events open to a large public matters.
« ‘L’Autre Duo » regularly works in close collaboration with the « Centre Henri Pousseur », offering a larger sound range.